Creator of jobs
The close relationship you maintain with your customers makes you a key player in local life. As a creator of jobs and wealth, you are an indispensable link in the economic dynamism.

Your strength is your know-how. As a company manager, you also have to keep accounts, pay your expenses, monitor your cash-flow, make yourself known and build customer loyalty.
We relieve you of your management obligations so that you can devote yourself fully to your business.

Nous vous déchargeons de vos obligations de gestion afin que vous puissiez vous consacrez pleinement à l’exercice de votre activité.

We bring you our expertise in the accounting, tax, social and legal fields.

By our presence at your side, we are committed to the success and development of your company.

Craftmen and merchants


You are an electrician, carpenter, mason, painter, plumber …? As a building contractor, your wealth is your know-how.

While being strongly involved in your relationship with your customers, you must also assume employer responsibilities and bear the professional risks regarding your activity.

We can offer you solutions adapted to your activity and indispensable tools for the management and development of your company.

We offer you a personalised accompaniment in order to optimise the management and profitability of your firm.

We are committed to you at every step of your company’s life.

Cafés-hotel trade-restaurants

The hotel and restaurant sector is a major player in tourism and is one of France’s rich heritage assets.

The sector is currently facing many difficulties: changes in the regulatory framework, a highly competitive environment, difficulties in recruiting, health crisis, etc.

You need a trusted partner to accompany you and ensure the success of a project to open or sell an establishment.

ALV EXPERTISE & CONSEIL’s knowledge and experience in your sector of activity enables us to provide you with solutions adapted to your business.

We are at your side at every stage in the life of your company.


You are a nurse, doctor, architect, lawyer, notary, insurer, expert… Whether your activity is regulated or not, the liberal regime is characterised by numerous legal, accounting and tax specificities.

ALV EXPERTISE & CONSEIL is your partner to support your decision-making. By entrusting us with your management responsibilities, you will be able to devote yourself fully to the exercise of your profession.

We guarantee you our professional expertise on a daily basis and at every stage in the life of your company.

Small and medium-sized enterprises play an active role in economic dynamism since they represent 99.9% of companies in France (INSEE 2020).

ALV EXPERTISE & CONSEIL is your privileged contact to assist you in all your legal, economic, social and tax issues.

We are at your side at every stage of your company’s life to lead you to success. We provide you with the tools you need to manage and develop your company. Our missions meet all the specific requirements of your VSE or SME: management of your accounting, outsourcing of the social aspect, legal expertise, advice, auditing…


Property investors

Tax regime
We accompany you in your reporting obligations but also in your investment projects.
We are at your side to help you choose the most appropriate tax regime according to your property or properties, your asset strategy, your operating mode and your ownership objectives: professional or non-professional furnished rental company, micro-BIC, micro-company, bed and breakfast, property management company…
Short term rentals, shared flats, tourist or student residences… You have chosen to invest with the status of a furnished rental company (unprofessional or professional) and thus benefit from the associated tax advantages.

The accounting and tax obligations incumbent on the lessor in furnished accommodation are close to those of a real company. The complexity and constant evolution of tax rules can quickly become difficult to grasp.

By entrusting the accounting and tax management of your rental to a specialist in this activity, you free yourself from your obligations towards the tax authorities and all the risks they entail.

Our team specialized in furnished rentals accompanies its clients throughout France and even abroad in their accounting and tax obligations.

Our specific offer dedicated to you

Your status as a furnished renter :

  • Registration formalities at the Registry
  • Formalities for joining an Approved Management Centre
Your accounting and reporting obligations

  • Keeping your accounts
  • Your VAT declaration
  • Drawing up and sending your tax bundle
  • Preparing your income tax return
Property management company (sci)
To create a Real Estate Civil Society confers many advantages such as for example :

  • The protection of the assets of the partners of the company
  • Management of the company
  • Simplified transmission of real estate assets
  • The possibility of optimising taxation

Beyond these benefits, creating an ICS is an exercise that requires real precision.

Care should be taken when drafting the articles of association of the SCI, as these organise the relationships between the shareholders. It is therefore necessary to pay the utmost attention to the drafting of the various clauses in order to avoid potential conflicts between shareholders.

The management of a SCI requires accounting, tax and legal obligations that can be complex. Each year, within six months of the end of the financial year, the manager of the non-trading property company must present the accounts for approval by the meeting of partners.

If you are planning to create a real estate company, our team is available and reactive to accompany you on the different possibilities according to your objectives.

Our specific offer dedicated to you

  • Registration of your accounting
  • Periodic tax returns
  • Legal documents related to the approval of accounts
  • Preparing your income tax return

Private individuals

Real estate investors
ALV EXPERTISE & CONSEIL can assist you in drawing up your personal tax returns whether you are a tax resident in France or not (income tax, property wealth tax). In order to better assist you, we have a department dedicated to real estate investors (SCI, LMP/LMNP, property income, etc.).

We also intervene in the optimisation of your tax system and the management of your assets. Our multidisciplinary skills enable us to guide you towards the best options according to your personal and professional situation. Protection against risks, preparation of your retirement…

These missions will be carried out in the strictest respect of the professional secrecy to which the Chartered Accountant is bound.

Thanks to our partner and depending on the missions carried out, you can benefit from a tax credit of up to 50% of the amount of our services.

The social economy
The social economy is made up of different types of organisations: mutuals, cooperatives, associations and foundations. Faced with the multiplicity of statutes and the permanent evolution of regulations in terms of financing, taxation, accounting or law, we put our expertise at your service.

ALV EXPERTISE & CONSEIL is at your side to assist you in your legal obligations and the management of your association.

Associations – non profit sector

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