External finance director

DAF outsourced to optimize the management of your business

The administrative and financial director (CFO) is the guarantor of the sound administrative and financial management of the company.

He/she checks the proper implementation of the strategy and procedures defined with the management, ensures economic profitability, transmits his analyses and coordinates the services for which he/she is responsible. He ensures that accounting and tax rules are respected.

The Administrative and Financial Director is a key post which may prove to be too costly for a VSE-SME (between EUR 50 and 100,000).

Using an external CFO allows a high level of competence to be achieved at a moderate cost. In addition, it is a way to reinforce teams on an ad hoc basis during special circumstances such as absences, departures, buy-outs, restructuring, etc.
It is also a way to gain new skills and specific experience.

With our experience and our adaptability in complex environments, it is for you the guarantee to have a solution immediately operational.

Our services

Starting or resuming a business

  • Analysis of the feasibility of your project
  • Funding and preparation of forecasts
  • Choice of legal status

Accounting expertise

  • Keeping and reviewing your accounting records
  • Preparation of your balance

Steering your company

  • Implementation of reporting, budgets/forecast accounts
  • Implementation of a cost accounting system
  • Management of your cash flow, dashboards, cost calculation


  • Declaration of your tax obligations
  • Optimization of your tax system
  • Assistance during tax audits

Payroll and social management

  • Management of your payroll and social declarations
  • Consulting in social law and human resource

Legal expertise

  • Corporate Law
  • Legal advice

External finance director

  • Coordinate your structure's strategy and procedures
  • Check compliance with legal obligations

Evaluation and audit

  • Evaluation of your professional assets
  • Acquisition and disposal audit
  • Legal audit


Lundi - Vendredi : 08h30 - 18h30


Lundi - Vendredi : 08h30 - 18h30

Registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants - Registered with the National Company of Auditors.