Tax advice and expertise for your business

Taxation is constantly changing and you want to make your life easier, while being sure you comply with the law. We take care of all your tax obligations : VAT declarations, apprenticeship tax, business tax, company car tax, CVAE, CFE, 3% tax…

We are also at your side to optimise the taxation of your structure and help you in your choices: tax consolidation, option to corporate tax, optimisation of your executive remuneration and social security cover, among others.

Your structure may be subject to an accounting audit by the tax authorities. A tax audit can be destabilising, and it is always a source of loss of time, stress and worry for you. We offer to assist you, partially or totally, to prepare the requested documents, to liaise with the administration and to prepare answers to follow up on questions and notifications. The audit can also take place within our firm.

A chartered accountant is in charge of your file and will always be at your side for a personalized approach to your tax issues.

Our services

Starting or resuming a business

  • Analysis of the feasibility of your project
  • Funding and preparation of forecasts
  • Choice of legal status

Accounting expertise

  • Keeping and reviewing your accounting records
  • Preparation of your balance

Steering your company

  • Implementation of reporting, budgets/forecast accounts
  • Implementation of a cost accounting system
  • Management of your cash flow, dashboards, cost calculation


  • Declaration of your tax obligations
  • Optimization of your tax system
  • Assistance during tax audits

Payroll and social management

  • Management of your payroll and social declarations
  • Consulting in social law and human resource

Legal expertise

  • Corporate Law
  • Legal advice

External finance director

  • Coordinate your structure's strategy and procedures
  • Check compliance with legal obligations

Evaluation and audit

  • Evaluation of your professional assets
  • Acquisition and disposal audit
  • Legal audit


Lundi - Vendredi : 08h30 - 18h30


Lundi - Vendredi : 08h30 - 18h30

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